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Now on the art portal

2011-08-09 00:39:33 by Zeratul1214

Huzzah! thanks for Bythemark for recomending me to the art portal!!.

Now my art is oficialy part of newgrounds!
Im starting to do other things more than just fractals, will update soon if i succeed


2011-07-28 22:28:39 by Zeratul1214

I recently started working with Apophysis 7x fractal editor. Hurray!

Ive already uploaded some of the fractals ive succsesfuly created.

The more i do on apophysis the better i get at understanding it, im starting to get good results.


Finally!! a submission!

2011-07-27 22:30:11 by Zeratul1214

Nothing big or anything yet, but i finaly decided to make my first submission, after so many years on newgrounds here it is: atul1214/green-vortex

Its a simple Julian fractal created with Apophysis 7x.

Its just a simple fractal, first one i make, but i intend to keep learning how to create bigger, better fractals with apophysis.

U still here?! Cool, post a comment, you might be rewarded.


2011-05-11 11:52:44 by Zeratul1214

OMFG OMFG OMFG how did YOU get in here!?

Hey there stranger!

2011-01-25 16:22:25 by Zeratul1214

WElcome to my profile page, let me know if you need anything! but there is quite a big chance i wont have what you need!

P.S: This page may contain traces of nuts

What is that you are interested in? nothing? is that important? no? then die!

HEy There!

2010-12-24 14:19:55 by Zeratul1214

Whats up Stranger! welcome to my profile! Sure you wont find here what youre looking for, seriously i have no cheese.

Hey there strangers

2010-12-17 18:48:10 by Zeratul1214

Welcome to my profile stranger, at this time, 625 years ago, nothing happened.

Wel 2 people commented my last post, that makes 2 lol pictures uploaded?

Alright, 2 comments in 2 days then nothing else,